SVFD Station Information

Station 1 (101 Ford Hill Lane, Sevier County, Seymour)

This station was built by the volunteer fire fighters and most of the materials were donated. Initially the bay area was completed which housed the trucks and had a small office in the back of the bay. A few years later the firefighters added the meeting room with an office, kitchen, radio room and two restrooms. This facility has become the Headquarters for the department. Our training materials, business office and breathing air compressor are located in this facility. Minor sleeping quarters have been added to accommodate on-call personnel.

Station 2 (7915 Chapman Highway, Knox County, Knoxville)

This station was opened in the mid 1980’s. Initially, it was a leased facility that the department was using until property could be found to build a station. Jesse M. Tarwater leased the property to the department and became friends with all the firefighters. When Mr. Tarwater passed away, his wishes were to have the department remain on this property. The estate of Mr. Tarwater sold the property and buildings to the department at one-half the appraised value.

Station 2 is dedicated to the memory of Mr. Tarwater. The Engine house was remodeled with a TV room, sleeping quarters and restroom added. The second building on-site is used for equipment storage. In 2013, the station was renovated to include office space and updated living quarters.

Station 3 (1718 Dupont Road, Sevier County, Dupont)

When members of the Dupont community wanted a fire station, they organized the Dupont Fire Hall Inc (DFHI). and begin to raise money. The community was able to lease a piece of property from Sevier County for $1.00 a year and they constructed a fire station. DFHI continues to work with Seymour Volunteer Fire Department, providing land and building space in exchange for manpower and resources. In 2010, DFHI built two bays onto the existing station and remodeled the living quarters. It continues to be their goal to one day become a stand-alone community fire department; however, until they are ready to step out on their own, SVFD will continue to provide and manage their fire service.

Station 4 (5572 Sevierville Road, Blount County, Seymour)

Station 4 was planned for several years before being built. Initially, SVFD’s response district was much larger than currently drawn. With the need for a station in Blount County, fire apparatus operated out of a donated building while property for the permanent station could be purchased. During this time, the Fire Department of Blount County (FDBC) purchased a building and began operating in the same general area. The State of Tennessee reviewed the locations of the department and established a new boundary between the departments. Once the boundary was established, Seymour moved forward with the new station.

During this time, a retired member’s family donated 1 acre of land for this station. This family has been an important part of our community and two sons have been members of the fire department. Station 4 is dedicated to the memory of Judy Dixon, wife and mother.

Station 5 (2470 Boyds Creek Highway, Sevier County, Sevierville)

When Sevier County installed sewer lines down Boyds Creek Highway, development accelerated with commercial and residential properties. To continue to provide excellent fire protection, the department began looking for a site for another fire station. At the same time, Jim Clayton, owner of Clayton Mobile Homes, purchased 300 acres and began the construction of a mobile home community. With his development creating the largest fire load along Boyds Creek, SVFD approached him to donate one acre for the new station. Mr. Clayton saw the need for fire protection immediately adjacent to his planned development and leased property for the department to build a station.

As development continues in this area, Station 5 was built to accommodate much larger fire apparatus and many training props are located on this site including an SCBA maze, a ventilation simulator and a hose stream trainer.

Station 6 (2135 Kimberlin Heights, Knox County, Knoxville)

For over 20 years, Johnson Bible College (JBC) had an on-site fire brigade. In the early 90’s, SVFD entered into an agreement with JBC to operate a station on campus. Johnson Bible College constructed the building and Seymour Fire Department placed a fire apparatus on site. This relationship developed, grew and provided excellent coverage for both SVFD and JBC. In 2012, JBC became Johnson University and one of the major installations included a new fire station. An incredible facility with living space and storage was built in partnership with SVFD and the University.

In 2012, a fire apparatus with a 75′ elevated master stream was purchased to support the large structures being built on Johnson’s campus.